September 11, 2012

How To Stop Hiding & Open Yourself Up To Community

(in)courage:  So, this week we’re discussing how to stop hiding and rather open ourselves up to community.

(in)courage has been an incredible source of comfort & support to me during the past two years of difficult trials in life.  We've experienced a lot of loss.  Loss of our successful business, loss of health insurance, loss of income to buy food & pay bills, & the loss of a young man we loved soo much, James.
Through this loss the Lord has taught us so much & we are still continuing to learn every day.
My husband is now working full time as a manager at a restaurant.  He is now earning less than half the salary that he did in his own business.  It has been a difficult transition, but God is good & he's adjusted to the crazy hours.  Through this job, he's able to provide our family with amazing health insurance.
I've gone from being a Home Schooling Momma of two boys to working out of the home.  Because of the encouragement of a wonderful friend, I've started a new business called LuV-2-OrGaNiZe.  Organizing has always been my passion, so how awesome is it that I get to have a business doing what I love.  This job has helped to put food on our table & I'm so thankful to the Lord for that.
Our boys both have jobs now.  This has taught them the importance of the cost of living.
We've met some wonderful people through these trials in life.  God has already used us to help others that have been in our same situation.  He's provided us with money to pay our bills, health insurance, food to eat, & we were able to get a home modification so that we can stay in the home we love.  We are so very thankful to the Lord for the way He has worked & continues to work in our lives.
Simply Living By Faith,
Stacey :o]

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