March 01, 2016


Hello Friends,

This morning I was checking out my FB and was completely amazed with all the dear friends that were asking for prayer for friends, family, loved ones, & for themselves.

I don't think that we realize how much power there is in prayer.  The Bible says in:

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Just imagine all the people reached in prayer from something as simple as FB.
Today as I went through and prayed for these requests, I saw a Mommy hugging her baby probably for the last time because she felt like she would not be here on earth much longer, a little boy that passed away from cancer, a dear friend whose Mom just found out in one week that she has terminal stage 4 cancer in her pancreas and may only have days to weeks to live, and a couple who are having marital problems.

The most AMAZING thing is that God loves each and every one of them the same.  

Prayer Matters!
Simply Living By Faith,

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
to all the kids out there 
that are busy kickin' cancers big butt,
to the kids in remission & NED,
& for our ^^ANGEL^^ Families!

January 26, 2016

Childhood Cancer Heroes

I wanted to share a new poem I wrote for all the kids out there that are busy kickin' cancers big butt!

Love - Stacey
Childhood Cancer Awareness
on Facebook

January 16, 2016

HaPpY New Year 2016

Hello Friends,

I hope 2016 finds you doing wonderfully!

I wonder how many of you have made New Year Resolutions?  If so, how are you doing with them?  One of mine is to be better at blogging.

I've decided to pray and ask God for one word this year.  One word that will be the theme for me in 2016.  The word that has come to mind for me is Grace.

Biblical Look At Grace:
Unmerited Favor 


God so loving gives me Grace instead of the consequences that I deserve.  This makes me think about how I should respond when I come in contact with others each day, especially my family.

I'm so very thankful for God's Grace in my life.

Simply Living By Faith,

March 29, 2015

Today is Josh's 24th Birthday!!!

My Amazing son, Josh, was born on March 29th, 1991.  It's incredibly hard to believe that today he is 24 years old.
Here are just a few of the things that I LOVE about My Josh:

-His Love for Jesus
-His Kindness
-His Compassion
-His Passion for Music
-His Gift of Mercy
-His Love for Family
-His Love for Friends

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing our family with Joshua Andrew Reich.  He is a ray of sunshine to his Momma's Heart!

Simply Living By Faith,