October 21, 2011

The Way Life Changes =]

Hello Friends,

It's hard to believe it's almost been one year since our lives were turned upside down due to the loss of my husbands business.  We have learned sooo very much & I just wanted to share with you some of the things that have changed in our lives:

1)  We learned we were living beyond our means:  The Lord taught us greatly & is still teaching us today how important it is to live within our means.  That means if you don't have money to purchase a big item, then save the money to do so.  It makes you think really hard about how much you truly need something while saving for it.  I've been saying to my boys lately & myself:  Is it a WANT, NEED, OR DESIRE.  That really helps me to put things into perspective.

2)  We've learned we are spending waay to much money on eating out:  It's amazing how much you can spend at McDonald's on Unsweet Tea.  One Dollar sounds like so little, but truly if I have one tea each day of the week it's around $7.70 per week.  Now keep in mind that's just for me.  My son always wants a sweet tea - so double that price.  We were just discussing this week how we need to make a weekly menu, so that we know what we are having each day of the week.  Then we can shop for just what we need for that week.

3)  We've learned how important it is to save money with coupons:  WOW is all I can say about coupons.  I've been blessed in finding coupons in soo many places.  Each trip to Martin's Food Store I save between 40 - 50% off with coupons while also earning free gas points.  A couple months ago we paid $1.66 for 27 gallons of gas!  We were just elated.  The best part is that we were buying things that we use to get these points and used coupons on top of that.  It's a LOT of work, but soo worth it at the check-out.

4)  We've learned the importance of family & close friends:  When facing losing your income, health insurance, having to do Chapter 7, & going on food assistance you never realize how precious your family & friends are to you.  They have been an INCREDIBLE support to us during this time.  We wouldn't be here today without them.  They have helped us by praying for us, by sending us anonymous cashier checks in the mail, by calling to check on us, by showing us love, & support.  It truly makes you think about what is most important in this life.  It's given us even more of a desire to help others.

5) We've learned to receive graciously:  One of the most difficult things that my husband & I have had to learn is to take help from others.  We were always the ones helping others.  Now the Lord put us in a situation where we had to receive.  WOW - it's beyond humbling to do. I have learned that I can still give to others & it doesn't have to be only by financial means.

Please share ways that the Lord has helped you in difficult times.  Thanks soo much for taking the time to read my post today.

Resting In Christ,
Stacey =]


  1. been there... done that... my husband had brain surgery 2 years ago... was out of work for 2 months...

    However, it is funny how some of these lessons become a little fuzzy after a while...

    Thank you for the reminders! They come at the PERFECT time for me.

  2. Great post, I'm new here and have been going through some chaos, myself, and we're facing some job issues. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks soo much for stopping by my blog :o] Let me know how I can pray for you & your family <3