January 17, 2012

In Memory Of James :o]

On Wednesday, January 4th at 6:24 PM - James Arkenau went home to be with Jesus.  His Dad called and said, "Are you sitting down, Stacey?"  I was in shock just hearing those words.  He went on to tell me that James was crossing the highway & a tractor trailer hit him. I felt like someone had just punched me right in the stomach & I just couldn't stop crying enough to even breathe. 

My first thoughts were how could you take this 17 year old young man that we all love so much, Lord?  How can we live our life without him? 

You see he has been living with us three days a week for the past year and a half or so, as he is in my sons band - Forever Is Forever.  We have LOVED having him in our home.  He's part of the family.  Now he's gone and the void of him not being here is soo very painful.

As each day passes by since the accident, I am seeing a glimpse of the Lord's plan for taking James home early. In two weeks at least 9 people have come to know Jesus as their Lord & Savior.  There were soo many at his Memorial Service that will be forever touched.  There were two Shows in Memory of James this past Friday & Saturday. 

We will never forget you, James <3  You left footprints on our hearts forever.  My heart mourns you terribly, but I know that you accepted Jesus & to be absent from the body is to present with the Lord.

I'm so blessed to have soo many beautiful Memories of you stored in my heart.  I loved taking walks with you, taking pictures of the sky & nature, packing & unpacking the truck for shows, trying to get a shot of you mid air whenever you guys played at shows, mostly I just loved your presence in our home.  Wish I could have one more of your HUGE {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} - one day soon I will =]

I Will Love You Forever & Forever
You Will Never Be Forgotten <3
Momma Reich :o]

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